Hygiene is a priority at Vytal

May 9, 2023

Hygiene is important to us! Since our products are offered exclusively in the gastronomy and communal catering, we have of course dealt with this topic in detail and decided on our current containers made of plastic. They are easy to clean, preferably in the dishwasher, and easy to recycle. Our bowls are light, sturdy and keep the food warm well without getting too hot themselves. Our containers are designed and manufactured to EU standards in Germany and the Czech Republic and can be used at least 200 times, according to the manufacturer, so treat them well so they have a long sustainable life ahead of them. You can also find more info on the right way to handle our Vytals in our article"Dos and Don'ts - the right way to handle our Vytals".

The hygiene of our Vytals at the partner:inside

All our partners are contractually obligated to clean our Vytals after they are returned. This can be done by dishwasher or, if necessary, by hand in smaller restaurants and stores. For cleaning by hand, we have of course standards that must be met, so that the Vytals are hygienically perfect for the next guest. Some restaurants don't wash our bowls at all: they have us pick them up and wash them, which is our dishwashing service. This is booked, for example, by supermarket chains that have no possibility to clean larger quantities on site. 

After rinsing, pay attention to both proper drying and storage. If the vytals are not dry, germs can multiply; but you also don't want to see dust on the vytals when you expect delicious food in them ;)

If you ever notice something here that does not fit these standards, feel free to contact us at hallo@vytal.org.

Hygiene at Vytal User:inside- This is where you come in


Our high hygiene standards do not only apply to our partners - as soon as you rent a bowl, you are responsible for it. This also means: Please treat it well and rinse it roughly before returning it, if you can't return it directly. This makes the work easier for our partners, but also ensures that the bowls can generally be reused. If bowls are too damaged or even mold has formed, they have to be taken out of circulation. So please treat our bowls as well as you would your own dishes. You don't want to buy a new plate every few weeks ;) Also, partners:inside can refuse to accept bowls that are too dirty - then you will be charged for them in the end.

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Hygiene is teamwork and everyone has to lend a hand - but beforehand: don't forget to wash your hands! ;)

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