reusable packaging system

Offer your guests a deposit-free digital reusable solution for taking away food. Our reusable packaging system is perfect for company canteens, clinics and student unions that want to offer a sustainable alternative to disposable packaging.

Here you can download our product portfolio PDF for canteens.

How it works



Food & beverages are filled into the sustainable vytals. Either the employee at the checkout scans the customer's container, or you offer our self-scan function.



You offer your customers a deposit-free and digital reusable solution and together you save packaging waste as high as the Berlin TV tower.

Two women standing in the office in front of Vytal return box and talking



Your customers return the Vytal containers at the checkout, drop them in the Vytal return box, or drop them off at a nearby Vytal Partners within 14 days.



You scan the returned Vytal containers, clean them according to HACCP in your industrial dishwasher and prepare them for the next filling at the dispensing point.


Of course, we will provide you with enough Vytals in all the forms you need, a mobile device with access to our partner app and materials for marketing.

Your advantages

No contract period

With us, billing is based on usage and the contract can be terminated at any time.

High quality containers

Vytals are leak proof, heat insulating, dishwasher safe and can be frozen.

Without deposit

Vytals are simply scanned without contact. There is no deposit handling and no additional costs for your visitors.

Measure impact

You and your customers can see live at any time how much disposable packaging you have already replaced.

Integration not a must

Integration into existing IT systems is not necessary and we also provide mobile devices for the scanning process as required.

Integration possible

We already offer interfaces to some common checkout systems that simplify handling at the checkout.

Rinsing service

No possibility to rinse yourself? We can also take over the rinsing of the containers for you in selected regions.

No advance payment

We provide you with Vytals free of charge and you pay from the first filling.

These canteens and cafeterias are already on board


Our Partners about vytal

We have been offering the reusable trays as to-go solutions in all our BASF Gastronomie canteens since February 2021. The system has quickly established itself and is a real gain for us. Our guests are particularly pleased with the absence of deposits and the ease of use.

BASF Gastronomy

With packaging from VYTAL, we rely on reusable packaging in our company restaurants and cafeterias and make it easy for our guests: The code of the VYTAL app is of course integrated in our KlΓΌh Catering guest app.

KlΓΌh Catering

Vytal is the best reusable solution for us, as it facilitates the entry into a more sustainable consumption behavior through free use for our guests. As a culinary service provider, Vytal helps us to be perceived positively by our guests and to be heard sustainably.

Ergo Gourmet GmbH

Sustainability is of great importance to us and characterizes E.ON Gastronomie GmbH in all areas. In Vytal, we have found a partner who is very flexible in responding to the special features within the Group. Vytal has supported us in meaningfully substituting the already discarded disposable packaging."

Horst Kafurke, Managing Director of E.ON Gastronomie GmbH

We are very happy to use Vytal in our catering facilities because we appreciate the good quality of the reusable tableware. Another advantage for our student guests, in particular, is that no deposit is required when borrowing Vytal.

Student Union Giessen

The Paderborn Student Union was the first student union in Germany to introduce vytal's deposit-free reusable tableware. Sustainability is an important cross-cutting task for us and we are also fully convinced of the innovative solution thanks to the positive feedback from the students.

Paderborn Student Union

Return box

You want to enable a central return of Vytal reusable containers? Then our return boxes are just right for you!

Info return box

White label

Nothing suitable for you in our Vytals? Would you rather use your own reusable packaging and manage it digitally? Then our white label solution is perfect for you.

Info White Label

No app?
No problem!

Offer your visitors an alternative to our free app. Your customers can buy the offline card for only 10€ and rent up to two Vytals at the same time.

Any questions? πŸ‘‹

You still have a question or two about our reusable packaging system, hygiene and use? Just have a look at our FAQ section or contact our customer service at hallo@vytal.org.

How does the Vytal app work?

What does the Vytal system cost?

Why do I have to enter a means of payment?

How can I borrow Vytals?

Is it possible to buy your containers?

Where can I return my borrowed container ?



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