Hygiene is a top priority for us and our partners - not only in times of Corona.

Our partners rinse all containers in their gastro/industrial dishwashers before serving. Our containers are leak-proof and can therefore be additionally disinfected from the outside to exclude transmission during pick-up or delivery. In addition, they are microwaveable (please remove the lid beforehand) - this allows the food to be reheated at home without decanting, if desired. If the container has been at home or in the office for more than 24 hours, please rinse it once with cold water.

This way germs don't stand a chance!

Our containers are made of BPA-free polypropylene (PP) and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). We looked for a long time for a suitable material and manufacturer and then decided on this very high-quality plastic, which can be recycled particularly well. Plastic has the advantage that the containers are light and stable, keep the food warm well and do not heat up so much themselves that they can still be carried comfortably - and they are microwaveable. Our containers are developed according to EU standards in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic and manufactured locally, partly with the involvement of a workshop for the disabled.

According to the manufacturer, the containers can be used at least 200 times. From as little as 10 fillings, they are more environmentally friendly than disposable packaging and save up to 30kg of CO2 over their life cycle compared to disposable packaging made of polystyrene or aluminium.

Our high-quality VYTAL container