Frequently asked questions

General questions

How does the Vytal app work?

What does the Vytal system cost?

Why do I have to enter a means of payment?

How can I borrow Vytals?

Is it possible to buy your containers?

Where can I return my borrowed container ?

Does the container have to be rinsed before being returned?

Can I use Vytal without the app?

Can I use Vytal through delivery services?

How long is the free loan period and can I extend it?

How do I know when to return the containers?

I missed my return deadline - can I still return the container?

What are Vytal Credits and what can I use them for?

How can I delete my account?

How can I make my favourite restaurant aware of you?

Are the containers dishwasher and microwave safe?

How is it ensured that the containers are hygienically cleaned before dispensing?

How are the vytals disposed of and dismantled?

How often can the containers be used?

Can I also order via the Vytal app?

Can I return the containers to the delivery service?

I would like to make a change to my order - how do I do that?

What material are the containers made of and where are they produced?

How do I return a container with a damaged QR code?

What do I do if I break a bowl or cup?

How do the Vytals get their names?

What do I do if a bowl leaks?

What requirements does my phone need for me to install the app?

Questions for restaurants

Does the Vytal Partner App need to be integrated into a running system?

Can customers scan their vytals on their own as they are issued?

How much space do the vytals need in the store and what is the best way to store them?

What is the best way to rinse the vytals?

Where, how and why do vytals need to be scanned?

How heavy are the containers? What is the tare I have to set on the scales?

What container varieties do you have on offer?

Why can't I add my logo to lids and containers?

How do I take back containers with damaged or missing QR code?

How do I get new containers and how can I return excess to you?

How do I change my opening hours or store other important information?

How can I check my own container stock?

What happens after I register with Vytal?

Do you offer any other services besides bins?

What do I use to scan the containers?

What do I do if a bowl leaks?

What requirements does my phone need for me to install the app?

Questions for communal catering

Can I limit the use to employees of my company?

Can Vytals be returned outside business hours?

Can I integrate the Vytal system with my POS system?

Can we use our own containers and run them through the Vytal system?

Mandatory Reuse

What is the reusable duty?

How much do reusable alternatives cost?

To whom does the reusable obligation apply?

You have less than five employees and your restaurant is smaller than 80 square meters?

Do you have more than five employees or is your restaurant larger than 80 square meters?

What options do I have if I need to offer a reusable alternative?

How does it work with hygiene

What are the consequences of non-compliance with the reusable obligation?

Sustainable container stock

What is the sustainable container stock and why was it introduced?

How is my sustainable container inventory calculated?

What happens if I exceed my sustainable container count?

What is the fee for excess vytals?

What if the sustainable container stock is not enough for me?

How do I find out what my sustainable container inventory is and how many Vytals I should return?

How can I return my Vytals?

By when should I return the containers?

What if my inventory is not right?

I take back more containers than I give out. Do I have to pay to be a "return station"?

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