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Rethinking sustainability

We are making reusable the new standard. That's why our reusable packaging system is not only sustainable and climate-friendly, but also super flexible and cost-effective. Whether it's a restaurant, caterer, canteen or snack bar: we have the right lid for every dish - and containers, of course.


Meet our Bowls!

We offer two different types of reusable bowls in different sizes. From soup to dessert: everything your heart desires is sustainably packaged in our vytals.

βœ… Leak proof

βœ… Efficiently stowable

βœ… Heat insulating

βœ… BPA free

βœ… Aroma tight

βœ… Heat resistant

Vytal Bowls

Three black reusable bowls with salad
3 sizes black Vytal Bowls with transparent lid
Black Vytal burger boxes unfolded and stacked inside each other
3 people sitting at the table eating from Vytal reusable packaging

Our Vytal Bowls are produced in the Odenwald, locally in Germany. They are available in three different sizes with a volume of 500 ml, 750 ml or 1250 ml. They are also dishwasher and microwave safe (except for the lid). They are suitable for countless delicious dishes, such as crisp salads, hot soups or fresh pasta, making them the perfect solution for restaurants and snack bars.

Vytal Menu Bowl

Black vytal menu bowl filled with salad and roll
Black Vytal menu tray with transparent lid
Black Vytal menu tray empty and stacked
black vytal menu tray with colorful dishes

Our Vytal menu tray is divided into two segments. So main course and side dishes can be conveniently packed separately even for to-go. It is also made of polypropylene and holds a total of 1000ml. Like our standardcontainers it can be put in the dishwasher and microwave.

Your advantages as a partner

Increase sales

Become Vytal Partner and increase your visibility. Vytal helps you to attract new customers.

Save garbage

One Vytal Bowl can be used about 200 times, saving a lot of packaging waste.

No hook

There are no hidden costs with Vytal. We work without contract period and monthly basic fee

Decrease costs

Save on packaging costs with every order. Pay a fair amount per Vytal usage.

More information
Lauri, owner of Lauri's coastal diner

Reusable is first and foremost a decision for the sake of the environment. In my opinion, Vytal is the best reusable packaging system available at the moment because it is fair for the customer and the restaurateur. It is easy to use and offers added value. It's also a good system to use for customer retention. We have been the only restaurant to offer returnable beverages here for the last few years and it has always worked great.

Lauri, owner of Lauri's coastal diner
Alissa and Cristoph, Virtuous Pie

As a pizza restaurant, we are particularly interested in offering a real alternative to our packaging. We love Vytal because sustainability finally becomes practical here. There is no simpler solution for the guest and for us as a restaurant!

Alissa and Cristoph, Virtuous Pie
Stefania, owner SantoLoco Surf Kitchen

Through Vytal, I have gained many new regular customers who discovered me through the app and have been coming back ever since, because now they can enjoy our bowls easily and without a guilty conscience.

Stefania, owner SantoLoco Surf Kitchen


So, what are you waiting for? Become a part of Vytal and join more than thousands Partners . Do something good for the environment, save costs and gain new customers. 🫢


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