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What's in store for you?

The "reusable packaging obligation" is the result of the new packaging law passed by the German parliament in May 2021. From January 2023, caterers will therefore be obliged to offer at least one reusable alternative for their food and beverages in addition to disposable packaging for their out-of-home sales - or to switch completely to reusable packaging.

The aim is to reduce the flood of disposable packaging and save resources for its production. At the same time, the reusable alternatives must not be more expensive than the single-use version.

Are you wondering whether you also have to offer reusable packaging and what you have to consider? We've put together a FAQ that will help you get to grips with the new legislation and make the transition as smooth as possible.

Reusable duty FAQ

What is the reusable duty?

How much do reusable alternatives cost?

To whom does the reusable obligation apply?

You have less than five employees and your restaurant is smaller than 80 square meters?

Do you have more than five employees or is your restaurant larger than 80 square meters?

What options do I have if I need to offer a reusable alternative?

How does it work with hygiene

What are the consequences of non-compliance with the reusable obligation?

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"The mandatory reusable offer for to-go and delivery meals is an opportunity for the catering industry to increase guest loyalty and promote the health of our planet. The EU has recognized that the future belongs to circular economy and reusable systems. With Vytal, we operate the leading technology platform for reusables, which efficiently and measurably effectively avoids single-use packaging. Our goal is to make reusable the standard for to-go consumption and delivery meals in Germany by 2025."

Tim Breker, Founder Vytal

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Become a Vytal partner and increase your visibility. We will help you to attract new customers.

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There are no hidden costs with Vytal. We work without contract period and monthly basic fee.

For all dishes

Find the right container for your needs. Leak-proof and microwaveable.

The best reusable solution

As the largest reusable packaging system in Europe, we offer you a risk-free solution for the upcoming mandatory returnable bottles. We work without monthly fixed costs, there is no minimum contract period and all this without time-consuming deposit handling. The fair filling fee only applies if you actually replace disposable packaging with Vytals and thus do something good for the environment.

Our arguments for your decision

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No monthly fee

As a digital system, we can measure benefits and savings.

Processing without deposit

We charge according to use.

High transparency

Leak proof and heat insulating.

Easy handling

No deposit for you and your customers.

High quality containers

Increasing customer loyalty

Win new customers

Increasing customer loyalty

Stefania, owner SantoLoco Surf Kitchen

Through Vytal, I have gained many new regular customers who discovered me through the app and have been coming back ever since, because now they can enjoy our bowls easily and without a guilty conscience.

Stefania, owner SantoLoco Surf Kitchen
Philipp, owner Kaspar Schmauser

The pre-order option in the app is great - no more wasted time on calls and no more notes on slips of paper. The Vytal reusable packaging system simplifies my work and is also just plain fun. Pick up as it should be.

Philipp, owner Kaspar Schmauser
Ina, owner Mrs Maaß Mr Schlie

A reusable packaging system with no deposit and no basic fee, where I save on packaging costs and waste. That's exactly what I needed! So I'm well prepared when the new packaging law comes into force next year and I have to offer my customers a reusable solution.

Ina, owner Mrs Maaß Mr Schlie

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