Reusable instead of disposable: We are the largest digital reusable network in Europe. With our crowdinvesting campaign, we have raised more than €2.9 million from over 1,700 investors in just a few weeks. Together we are making reusable the new standard! (as of February 2023)


Why you should invest

πŸ‘‰ The throwaway mentality and disposables are huge problems
πŸ‘‰ Government backs reusables and Vytal is the solution with measurable impact

πŸ‘‰ We have the largest container diversity

πŸ‘‰ Combine sustainability with return
πŸ‘‰ Shape the future with our more than 500,000 app users

The digital security at a glance

πŸ‘‰ Every:r can join and invest once between 250 to 25.000 Euro

πŸ‘‰ You get fixed interest every year (7 % p.a.) and with the last interest payment after 5 years your invested capital is paid back

πŸ‘‰ If we reach special sales targets with Vytal, you also benefit from a bonus interest (up to further 7 % possible)

Some top Vytal partners

Our motivation

Next year, the time has come for the mandatory reusable offer to come into force throughout Germany from 2023. But what does that actually mean? The Reusable Packaging Act obliges restaurateurs to offer reusable packaging for takeaway food and beverages in addition to disposable plastic packaging. An obligation to offer is not an obligation to use. It is therefore up to us to make reusable packaging the standard. As a Vytal user:in, you benefit from more sustainability through less waste in your everyday life and thus have a positive enjoyment experience.

As part of the Vytal crowd, you also receive interest and our investment reports keep you informed about our latest developments and product innovations.

Cool, but what is crowdinvesting?

With crowdinvesting, a large number of people (vytalists) contribute a small amount to finance our next growth steps. We then pay back the investment with interest within the agreed term.

We want to give our community the chance to grow with us. Crowdinvesting is, so to speak, a democratic way to invest money wisely. You invest with many other Vytalists in our company, receive a fixed interest rate and can also benefit from a bonus. Which attractive financial product we have stoked, you will find out shortly before the start of the crowdinvesting in our newsletter.

Why is WIWIN the right platform?

As a platform for sustainable investing, WIWIN brokers capital investments in the areas of renewable energies, sustainable start-ups and energy-efficient real estate. On the platform, investing money is possible for everyone in an uncomplicated and direct way. This way, even people who are investing for the first time or have little experience can contribute with their money to more sustainability and to limiting climate change. WIWIN also gives private investors access to asset classes that are normally only available to semi-professional and professional investors.

"We want to put as much money on the good side as possible."

Matthias Willenbacher, founder of the crowdinvesting platform WIWIN

Couldn't attend our webinar on 11/16?

Here is the recording.

In the webinar on November 16, our co-founder Tim briefly introduced the Vytal system and then answered your questions. More than 160 (!) individual questions were asked, which we did not have time to answer all of them. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions in our Crowinvesting FAQ.

We were very happy about the personal exchange with you! If your question was not answered in the webinar or in the FAQ, feel free to contact us at! We will be happy to answer everything by mail until the launch on November 22nd.

To give you an overview of the investment process on the WIWIN site, here is an overview of the steps:


Why are you going the crowdfunding route (in addition to other investments)?

What exactly is the money needed for?

Is the 7% interest p.a. taxable?

What are your business development plans for the next 5+ years?

How do you plan your international development?

The sales increase from 800 kEur in 2021 to the future years seems very ambitious. Do you expect society to rethink the concept of reusable packaging?

Can companies from the retail sector apply?

Many successful start-ups come from the U.S. Is there a competitor there that could ruin your global dream?

How can you invest the money in concrete terms? Do I need a special account for this?

Can I also invest if I do not live in Germany?

Hello, what do I need to do to invest?

What exactly is this token that you get in return for the investment? Is it an NFT and if so on which blockchain?

Doesn't blockchain involve mining, which is a big waste of energy?

"The investors' wallet must be compatible with the issuer's chosen blockchain" - what wallets are these?

What is Vytal's current balance sheet? EK / FK?

Are restaurateurs perhaps positively biased toward deposit systems because a significant portion of the deposit remains with them as revenue due to the low return rate?

How can you guarantee the hygiene of your packaging?

What happens to "discarded" containers?

How to evaluate the competition abroad?

General FAQ

We have done that! πŸš€

As a platform for sustainable investing, WIWIN brokers capital investments in the areas of renewable energies, sustainable start-ups and energy-efficient real estate. On the platform, investing money is uncomplicated and direct for every:n.


More than 7,000,000 disposable packages replaced by Vytals


More than 500,000 Vytal Users


More than 6,500 named vytal Partners


Active in 9 countries, making it the largest network in Europe


Top ratings in the App Store and Google Play Store


Awarded with the Blue Angel

End the garbageg‍

"Disposable packaging is waste and a waste of resources that we cannot afford to put on the planet and future generations. With Vytal, we provide the tech platform for measurably impactful, deposit-free reusable solutions."
Tim Breker, Founder Vytal

Blue Angelg

Vytal carries the Blue Angel

Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze has awarded Vytal in 2021 the Blue Angel, the environmental label of the Federal Ministry.

The Blue Angel is the official seal of the German government for environmentally friendly products and services and proves once again that by using Vytal you are doing exactly the right thing for our planet.