Dos and Dont`s - The right way to handle our Vytals

May 23, 2023

When used properly, our Vytals can be reused up to 200 times. Enclosed you will find a few tips on what our Vytals can do and what you should please not put them through.

Dos - that's what our vytals can do:


  • Our Vytals are dishwasher safe
    (they are happy to be washed in household or industrial dishwashers).
  • Our Vytals are microwaveable
    (but please do not heat the lid)
  • Our Vytals are a sustainable alternative to disposable containers(but only if they end up back in circulation as soon as possible)

Dont`s- please avoid this with our vytals:


  • Cut directly into the bowl with knives or other sharp objects
    (this can create scratches, requiring the containers to be recycled sooner)
  • Heat the vytals in the oven
    (if the heat is too strong and constant, they can deform or even melt)
  • Clean the Vytals with aggressive chemical agents
    (these may attack the plastic - normal washing-up liquid is sufficient).
  • Return the vytals very dirty or even moldy (these may not be able to be sanitized and will need to be discarded/recycled).


If you have any questions, our customer service will be happy to help you. We also have a solution for these special cases:


  • The QR code is damaged or missing
    Please return the Vytal to our partners anyway, but send us an email to hallo@vytal.org with the info where you did it and what the Vytal is called. We will then manually book them out.

  • The lid or the bottom part is lost
    In this case we would charge only half of the purchase price. Please return the other part and write us a mail with photo and name of the bowl to hallo@vytal.org.

  • The Vytal is broken
    Please check if everything is ok with the container before accepting it, because after that it will become your property. If it is broken, we would have to charge you for it. 10 Euro for a bowl and 4 Euro for a cup will then be automatically debited from your deposited means of payment at the end of the rental period.

  • The partner restaurant refuses to accept my Vytals
    You can see in the app which Vytals the partner:in accepts. If the acceptance is still refused, you can report it directly via hallo@vytal.org or via the app (search for restaurant and click on the three dots in the upper right corner). We will contact you there and clarify the matter.

However, these are only exceptional cases that do not happen often. If it does happen, you now know how to deal with it ;). In principle, you can't do much wrong when dealing with our Vytals. Just treat them like your own beloved reusable containers as long as they are in your possession. 


Remember: With every Vytal you return, you are actively investing in a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic. Become part of the Vytal family and shape the future with our more than 330,000 app users. 

Christina Berkele

Customer & Partner Support Agent

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