What is a digital reusable packaging system?

January 1, 2023

Vytal is a digital reusable packaging system. But what is that anyway? reusable packaging system itself you surely know. These are especially known from returnable bottles. A returnable bottle is produced, filled, sold, drunk and returned - then it is cleaned and everything starts all over again. This is exactly how it works with our Vytals.

The only difference with us is that our system is deposit-free and you can track digitally where our reusable containers have already been everywhere and how much disposable packaging has already been saved as a result. This not only gives our customers the good feeling of having made a difference, but also shows our partners the impact they have already achieved with us. In their own statistics, both customers and partners can see how much disposable packaging has already been saved.

Thanks to your help, we are currently already at over 5 million single-use packaging savings (as of December 2022) and still far from the end. We continue to pursue our goal of making reusable the standard, because: Reusable is THE way!  

How does the digital reusable packaging system work ?

The journey of one of our returnable containers, let's call it "Goldstück" for our example, usually starts at our warehouse. Our main warehouse is located in Cologne, but we also have smaller warehouses in other major cities. From here, the containers are shipped locally by our drivers or climate neutrally by dpd to our partners. So "Goldstück" is sent off and after arrival and first scanning it is in the inventory of the restaurant. There our Vytals wait for their use. After ordering, there are two ways "Goldstück" finds its way to you (hopefully only for a short time, because that's the only way it's sustainable):

  1. You order takeaway food on the spot in Vytal.
    Either the restaurant scans the QR code of "Goldstück" and your personal QR code via our partner app or you scan the QR code of "Goldstück" yourself with the self-scan function in our customer app.

  1. You order via Vytal, Lieferando, Uber Eats or Wolt food in Vytal.
    For this,
    the Vytal delivery token must be submitted as a comment with the order. When ordering directly through Vytal, this happens automatically. After preparation, the restaurant employee then enters the delivery token in our partner app and can then post all the Vytals needed for the order to your account already now. The food is delivered and the Vytals are correctly deposited.

"Goldstück" is now in your possession. After 14 days at the latest (the sooner the return happens, the more sustainable it is), you return "Goldstück" to the same or another partner restaurant. "Goldstück" is then scanned, rinsed and ready to be used again. In this way, "Goldstück" can pass through several restaurants, canteens or cafés during its life cycle - and its entire journey is traceable in our system. Once "Goldstück" has reached the end of its life because it is damaged, it returns to the warehouse and is recycled. Thank you for your loyal service!

So as you can see, scanning is an important step in our system because it's the only way to track where the container currently is, where it's been, and how much disposable packaging it has already saved. "Goldstück" could be reused up to 200 times if used properly, so take good care of it and its colleagues.

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