Reusable Heroes 2022

April 12, 2023

With Vytal, our partners not only save a lot of disposable plastic, but also a lot of Co2 emissions. By conserving resources, they are actively contributing to reducing their ecological footprint bit by bit and putting less strain on the climate. We would like to reward this! From now on, we will be crowning our Reusable Heroes, i.e. the partners who have made a particularly large number of transactions in the previous year and thus had a particularly positive impact on the environment. Award-winning partners can look forward to a chic trophy that they can display in their restaurant. 

These are our Heroes

Of course, all Vytal partners are real heroes. But this year, for the first time, the award will be given to the top 10 partners in Germany who have saved a particularly large amount of plastic and CO2 in the context of their transactions. In order to narrow down the selection of participating restaurants, we have limited ourselves here to restaurateurs who focus on their restaurant and are not a pure catering company - even if the boundaries are often blurred here.

Our top 10 restaurants in 2022 are: 

  1. WELLER - Delicatessen, Stuttgart
  2. To the gourmet, Munich
  3. Bangkok Streetfood, Oberursel
  4. Soup likes bread - Soup bar & Café, Landau in the Palatinate
  5. Chay Village, Berlin
  6. Bamboo Bay, Berlin
  7. Monsieur Vuong, Berlin
  8. Da Baffo, Munich
  9. Mrs. Maaß & Mr. Schlie, Cologne
  10. Chang Thai Snack Bar, Cologne

We congratulate warmly! 

We are very excited that the award-winning restaurants reflect a wide range of food offerings and are located all over Germany. The fact that the restaurants are not only in big cities shows that our concept is not necessarily tied to a big city or a good infrastructure and that reusable can work very well under very different circumstances. We would like to thank not only these ten, but all our partners. Together, we are making reusable the standard and the world a little better.

Join in?!

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On the pictures below you can see the winners "Chang Thai" and "Frau Maaß und Herr Schlie" receiving their awards.

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