Packagings saved

BONN - this is where Rhenish cosiness meets cultural density and cosmopolitanism. We have put together a list of the top restaurants in Bonn that offer delicious take-away food even in Corona times. These restaurants are part of the VYTAL reusable system and you get your food in reusable bowls. This way we protect the environment and avoid packaging waste.

Here you'll find the best restaurants for Corona time. Because these pioneers of sustainability allow you to take food in reusable bowls and thus reduce packaging waste. They use the VYTAL reusable packaging system, which means that you can borrow food containers from the restaurant of your choice and return them to any other partner throughout Germany. This is how convenient sustainability works.

Or another city after all?

Discover more than 5,000 partners where you can enjoy to-go consumption without packaging waste!

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