Reusable gReturn box for your office

Make reusable as easy and convenient as disposable for your team. Place the Vytal return box in your office and save measurable packaging waste.

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The Vytal reusable return stations for your office

Vytal offers companies a return station that allows them to provide a valuable service to their employees and make a measurable impact in packaging waste prevention.


Your advantages

Less waste

Minimize disposable packaging waste in your office.

Measurable impact

Achieve your sustainability goals through measurable impact.

Employer Branding

Strengthen your employer branding as a responsible employer

Team spirit

Bring your team together by enabling them to behave in a more sustainable way

Save costs

Save costs and time for emptying waste garbage cans and waste disposal

The Vytal return station is made for you


✌️ Select the service frequency best suited to your usage

✌️ Tell us your team's favorite restaurants so we can recruit them to Vytal if they are not already Vytal partners.

Walk the reusable path together with us!

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