Plastic Reduced Living

March 13, 2023

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Shopping in the unpacked store

Of course, you can save the most plastic by avoiding packaging. The best place to do this is in a non-packaging store, in organic markets or at weekly markets. Of course, these stores usually have a smaller assortment. So if you do want to shop in a regular supermarket, buy loose vegetables/fruit, look out for cardboard packaging or plastic packaging with a high recycled content and take your own bag. For water, you can just use tap water and a sparkler: German tap water is of very good quality and is constantly tested. Toothbrushes are now also available with only natural, easily degradable substances.

These are just a few suggestions. As with meat consumption, it helps not to cut back completely, but to reduce. As with our mission with Vytal, we don't want to point the finger here, but to show options. Everyone does as much as he can and wants!!!


PS: All brands mentioned are based on personal recommendation and are hereby marked as unpaid advertising


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