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March 13, 2023

For one week you could join us on our "Plastic Free Challenge". On Instagram and TikTok we have already given you tips to avoid plastic. You can find our conclusion of the week and more ideas here!

Use Vytal


Yes, we know: Our vytals are also made of plastic, but here the closed-loop system makes all the difference. Single-use plastic has a short useful life, but a long one. This means that it takes 20 to 450 years for the plastic to decompose. That's why we count on our reusable packaging system: plastic has a much longer useful life and is completely recycled after its "end of life". So please be on the lookout for our or other reusable solutions. By the way, this also applies to plastic bottles - reusable plastic is always better than single-use plastic. ‍

Use fixed products

For body care, there are now very many good and also inexpensive alternatives. Products such as solid shampoos, shower care and even body lotions not only save plastic packaging, because they are usually packed in cardboard, but also water during production. It's best to go for natural cosmetics, as they use sustainable and natural ingredients. Deodorants are also available in solid form and can thus save plastic balls in roll-ons and propellants in spray deodorants, as well as plastic packaging. The brands Ben & Anna and i+m , for example, offer deodorants in cardboard drawers.


Washing with biodegradable substances

A large consumption of plastic is also common in the washing process, but here it is also crucial that the ingredients of most detergents pollute the environment. Both can be prevented by using detergents with biodegradable substances (e.g. Sonett, ecover, Sodasan) or even washing completely with soap nuts, chestnuts or ivy. You can also use household vinegar (with 5% acid, not vinegar essence) as a fabric softener. Don't worry, the smell will go away. If you want a nice laundry scent, you can also add natural essential oils to the vinegar. Here, even a few drops have a great effect!

Make your own detergent

You can't imagine how easy and cost-saving it is to make your own cleaning products. Most products for making them cost little and are very productive, such as baking soda, vinegar essence and citric acid. Whether it's limescale remover in the bathroom, oven cleaner or stain spray, you can use few natural ingredients to replace many chemical products, save on packaging and help the environment. Of course, you can't do everything yourself, but then you should look for sustainable ingredients and possibly also take a look at the ecotest for this division.


Store secondhand & natural fabrics

The fashion industry in particular is a throwaway society. Every year, several collections are launched on the market, which are then already outdated six months later and thrown out at dumping prices. And a piece of clothing for 5 euros is certainly not as valuable as one for 50 euros, right? Therefore, much of it ends up in the trash. The solution: Secondhand! Here you can not only earn good money with old clothes, but also buy favorite pieces for a small price. Everything that is still not sold, you can donate: For example, clothes to the Red Cross, sheets and towels to the local animal shelter.Β 

No matter if secondhand or new: Please no plastic! Look for natural materials such as cotton, hemp, bamboo and linen. Clothing made of polyester is petroleum-based, thus consuming natural resources and polluting the environment during production and washing or disposal (keyword: microplastics).


Shopping in the unpacked store

Of course, you can save the most plastic by avoiding packaging. The best place to do this is in a non-packaging store, in organic markets or at weekly markets. Of course, these stores usually have a smaller assortment. So if you do want to shop in a regular supermarket, buy loose vegetables/fruit, look out for cardboard packaging or plastic packaging with a high recycled content and take your own bag. For water, you can just use tap water and a sparkler: German tap water is of very good quality and is constantly tested. Toothbrushes are now also available with only natural, easily degradable substances.

These are just a few suggestions. As with meat consumption, it helps not to cut back completely, but to reduce. As with our mission with Vytal, we don't want to point the finger here, but to show options. Everyone does as much as he can and wants!!!


PS: All brands mentioned are based on personal recommendation and are hereby marked as unpaid advertising

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